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Milk Can Help Prevent Kidney Stones

You’ve probably heard that milk is good for your bones. But did you know milk can help prevent some kidney stones from forming? Several research studies have shown a link between higher dietary calcium intake and a lower risk of kidney stones. Urologists recommend getting the right amount of calcium to prevent kidney stones. 

Limiting your calcium intake actually increases your risk of stones! Milk and foods like yogurt and broccoli are good sources of calcium. Calcium-fortified, non-dairy beverages such as soymilk are also good options. If you take calcium or Vitamin D supplements, talk to a doctor, or registered dietitian to make sure you’re not taking too much. 

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There’s a Link Between Prostate Cancer and Vasectomy

This is highly unlikely. This issue has been around for years and has been refuted a lot after a 1993 study suggested there was a link between the two. The American Urological Association (AUA) reviewed all this data in 2012 and again in 2015. Because vasectomy is not a risk factor for prostate cancer, they decided doctors do not need to discuss prostate cancer in their pre-vasectomy counseling of patients. 

Recently researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota looked at results from 53 studies representing more than 12 million men. They found weak associations or no associations between having a vasectomy and prostate cancer. Based on these results, the researchers concluded that it is very unlikely a vasectomy causes prostate cancer. A vasectomy is an effective, long-term form of birth control. If you have concerns about a vasectomy, talk to your doctor.

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Cranberries help
prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

For many years, people believed cranberries could prevent UTI’s, but the research on cranberry juice and supplements has been mixed. Some studies have shown cranberries can be helpful in reducing UTI symptoms. Other studies have shown cranberries have no impact on reducing UTI symptoms. 

The latest clinical practice guidelines suggest cranberries may be helpful and cause no known harm. Symptoms of a UTI include a burning feeling when you urinate, pain in your lower back or belly, cloudy urine and the urge to urinate often. If you have a UTI, the best treatment is antibiotics. Avoid most store-bought drinks as they are high in sugar and not associated with helping to prevent UTIs.

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