Calendar of Events

June – August 2016


Men’s Health Month

The Urology Care Foundation is always looking to better men’s health. Our website has many resources to help raise awareness about early detection and treatment of various urologic health conditions that impact men, at any age. 

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse Awareness Month

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with these tips:


National Cancer Survivors Day®

Did you know there are more than 2.5 million men in the U.S. who are prostate cancer survivors and when caught early, the survival rate of testicular cancer is 99%. Let’s celebrate those who have shown the world there is life after a cancer diagnosis.​


Men’s Health Week

Check out these lifestyle tips for maintaining your urologic health:


Father’s Day


First Day of Summer


More than 400 medical school graduates who want to become urologists start “on-the-job training” in urology residency programs across the U.S. this month.


Urology Care Foundation Celebrates its 41st Anniversary

Donate today at to help find a cure for prostate cancer and other urologic cancers that impact nearly 400,000 men, women and children each year.


Independence Day



Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend

Join NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer and Know Your Stats about Prostate Cancer spokesperson, Mike Haynes, as he raises awareness about prostate cancer in Canton, Ohio – #TeamHaynes

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Summer Olympics 

Olympians know that eating right and exercises are two important ways to become a champion. They are also the best ways to keep your urologic health on the winning track.

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National Health Center Week

Celebrating the innovators in community health


National Senior Citizens Day  |  SUMMER 2016  |  UROLOGY​​HEALTH extra