Did you know you can still have a good quality of life after prostate cancer?

There’s a good chance your life will go on after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Still, there will be some adjustments you will need to make.

Here’s how you can live a good life after prostate cancer:

Be ready to work with your doctor to address changes to your sex life. If you have surgery to remove your prostate gland, it means you will not ejaculate. You can still have an orgasm though. Before surgery, you can ask how to prevent damaging side effects. After surgery, you can also ask your doctor how to heal or repair your erection. Medicines, devices, implants, counseling – all these things can help make your sex life satisfying again.

Take steps to improve bladder control. Prostate cancer causes all types of bladder problems. Things like urgency, a weak stream or leaking may go away after treatment, or get worse. To tackle the problem, learn how to do Kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You can also ask your doctor about medicines, devices or surgery. There are treatments to help.

Live your best life. Now’s a great time to look at what and how you eat, when you exercise, how you sleep and how to stay on track with medical appointments. Any little thing you can do to stay as healthy as possible will help a lot. Consider eating more plant-based foods. Schedule time to exercise and make it a priority. Even daily walks can help you live longer and enjoy more life! Sleep is amazing for health. Try to get eight hours per night. Finally, get the follow-up medical care you need.

Balance your emotions. It’s very common for men to feel like they’re not who they used to be before cancer. Your masculine identity hasn’t changed, just your circumstances. It can be hard to adjust to your new normal, but it’s possible. Some men tackle changes with the help of loved ones and exercise. Others find support through group or individual counseling.

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Remember that you are not alone. You can feel like yourself again. Aim to do the best you can, be patient with yourself and work to keep your spirits up.

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