Support Opportunities

$150,000 – Named Endowment Fund in Perpetuity 

Donor may designate their support for domestic or international humanitarian efforts in urology.    

Limited Time - $100,000 investment:

The American Urological Association has committed resources to match
$100,000 donations with an additional $50,000 to establish self-
sustaining endowments of $150,000.

Funding of an annual or multiple-year grant is available upon request. Your support will help administer the sponsored grant(s) (Including pre and post promotions, application and selection process and post award tracking,) and a grant of $4,500 will be awarded annually from each endowment. The request for applications will begin in January 2021, and the first grants will be awarded in May 2021.

Currently Funded Humanitarian Grant Endowments

  • American Urological Association/UCF Humanitarian Endowment
  • UCF/Endourological Society Raju and Ginny Thomas Humanitarian Endowment
  • UCF/Richard J. Fox Foundation Humanitarian Endowment

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