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The human body is made up of about 60% water, so it's important for your overall health to stay well hydrated.

At least

1 out of 2

Americans over age 65 struggle with accidental urine or bowel leaks

The general daily recommendation is 8-10 8oz glasses of fluid daily with approximately half of that as water.

Spreading out your fluids evenly throughout the day is best to STAY well hydrated throughout the day. There isn't any benefit to "guzzling" all at once.

Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction may include:

Trouble urinating or having bowel movements

Leakage of urine or stool


Lower back pain

Painful sexual intercourse

Eating foods rich in water is a great option to add to your hydration status, such as watermelon—it’s more than 90% water!

When you’re exercising and sweating a lot, replacing lost electrolytes can be just as important. Electrolyte drinks can help, such as Gatorade. Or a post-workout banana is a great option—it has more than 300 milligrams of potassium.

While exact causes are not known, the 3 most common causes in women are:

Pregnancy & Childbirth



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