Fighting Kidney Stones with Food

You may not know what type of stone you have. But, changing your diet and taking certain medications have been shown to be the best in stopping a stone from forming in the first place and keeping you from getting another one in the future. Here are some things to help you fight future kidney stones through food:

  • Fluids. Drink enough fluids each day: 2 liters, or about 8-10 cups of fluids with about half of that being water.
  • Fruits & Veggies. Eat plenty every day: 5 servings each of ½ cup.
  • Low Oxalate. Eat foods with low oxalate levels: only if you have high urine oxalate.
  • Less Meat. Eat more plant-based protein & limit meat: strive for 1 small portion a day.
  • Calcium. Okay to eat calcium-rich foods: about 1,000 -1,2000 milligrams (mg) per day.
  • Less Salt. Limit sodium in your diet: 2,300 mg – or 1 teaspoon of salt – per day.

It can be hard to change the way we eat. But changes to diet may bring great benefits. Not only can it help with kidney stones, but it may help you lower your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Remember, your doctor will recommend you do what is best for you and the type of stones you have. Not every tip will work for every stone former. The recommendations are not a one size fits all. If you feel lifestyle and dietary changes aren’t helping, talk to your doctor.

For great ideas and recipes, try the Urology Care Foundation’s Living Healthy - Fight Kidney Stones with Food cookbook.

For more information, visit UrologyHealth.org

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