Five Ways to Get Ready for a Telehealth Visit

A telehealth visit may seem awkward and intimidating if you’ve never done one before. Don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you get ready.

1. Check your technology

Make sure your cell phone, tablet or laptop is charged up or plugged in. You’ll also want to make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Lastly, be sure to download any software or apps required for the telehealth visit in advance.

2. Find a quiet place

Turn off the television and radio so you don’t have background noise. If possible, schedule the visit when children may be napping or occupied with other activities. With less noise and distractions, you’ll be able to concentrate on your visit.

3. Have good lighting

It’s best to sit near a window or at a desk with a lamp. This will help your health care provider see you clearly. This is especially important if you have a “visible” health issue like a rash or pink eye.

4. Write down your questions

It can be helpful to jot down your main concerns in advance. Sometimes people get nervous when talking to a health care provider.

5. Be ready to report

Have your medical devices close by just in case your health care provider would like to get a reading during your telehealth visit. These devices may include a scale to check your weight, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, or glucometer to measure your blood glucose (sugar) levels.

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